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Reciprocom Ltd

By April 29, 2019January 11th, 2020No Comments

Our new firm is under way. Wherever there is risk, uncertainty, distrust, polarised opinion, controversy and crisis—we can help. When audiences don’t appear to listen, make informed choices or act in their own best interests we can develop solutions that go beyond communication. Reciprocom was formed to solve many of the intractable problems in society that demand more than information transfer. In many cases not only are the solutions found in better decision-making, they are also found in changing behaviour. We know how difficult this can be, and how ineffective information interventions have been in many areas critical to the quality of life. If such decisions, intentions and behaviours were a matter of rational choice, then simple knowledge transfer and filling of information voids would render problems such as food safety in the home, consumer acceptance of new technologies and obesity obsolete. Our aim in forming this company was to tackle the most difficult areas of societal challenge were changes in behaviour are paramount and in the best interests of those concerned.

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